Veloshop cyclocross classic!

Wow, per usual I have been crazy busy. Got up at 5am on Sunday, shaved my legs and headed out with Issac and Brian to PIR to setup the course and get ready. Doug Moak (the River City Bicycles pit master) met us there and really did MORE than his fair share of labor helping me setup the course and design the little hill section. A lovely, lovely man.

A handfull of superstars made public appearences: Jonathan Maus, Chris Distefano, Jacquline Phelan.

Bike Portland already has a good race report up!

The Veloshop team is freaking amazing. I finished up my race and spun around a little and before I could start bossing people around to clean up the course, it was done! No joke, this sprawling cross course was spotless and the OBRA van packed and ready to go not 30 minutes after I crossed the line.

Everyone did such a commendable job. Brian and Jackson sacrificed thier races to run the show. Brooke Hoyer showed up and got straight to business lap counting. All the Veloshop ladies rocked the race, Bridgette winning the Elite race, and Erin Playman getting 5th in the B race on a singlespeed.

Brilliant. It was just such a blur and if PIR does not jack us on groundskeeping fees we will have a nice little race fund started. There is serious talk of a Veloshop series next cross season and also talk of promoting cross events well into January and February.

Que mas? I’m late for work again. It’s ok, not like I will get much work done anyways. All I seem to do anymore is glue tubulars and repair cross bikes f’ed up over the weekend.

OH! Here is a horrible story about spending the night prepping my bikes to get shipped out to the east coast. Spending all day packing them Monday only to miss the Fedex deadline to get them there on Friday and then having to drop $400 on both bikes and a wheelset to get them there in time to race on Saturday. I drove my van around during rush hour traffic last night going from Fedex office to UPS to the Post Office and back to FedEx and then FINALLY to the Kinko’s down the street from my shop.

Long story short. The wonderful gentleman at Kinkos recognized me from my MLK blvd. days where I had fixed his brakes once. With a smirk he quietly told me I had become a Fedex employee and both bikes would be $80. AND they would be there a day EARLY!

No shit! Right when I was about to give up and drop the cash. I mean I had my Visa in hand and was letting him swipe it ($400!!) when he recognized my name…



(thanks Andrew Arnsberg for the photos!)


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  1. Thanks for the great race. As promised, it was very fast. Too bad I wasn’t!

    My only complaint with the Cross Crusade is that it is too short. Putting another series in the mix would really be awesome.

    Thanks again for the great work.

    Posted by Anonymous | October 19, 2005, 12:33 am

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