Hanging out with my mom.

In Delaware right now drinking a poorly made Americano in the college town I went to high school.

Ran into Mark Vettori, Barry Wicks and race promoter Tom McDaniels at the Granogue venue this morning when I got a few valuable pre-ride laps in. Mark V and I used to skateborad together when I lived in Delaware 10 years ago. The Granogue course is going to be hard. It is really hilly, lots of off camber and some kinda technical sections. Not a whole lot of recovery time between sketchy sections. My mom is pretty pumped to come out and see me race. It is going to be kinda crazy, like “yeah, this is what I do with my time.”

New York, New York:

Ugh. My flight Wednesday night was bad, I could NOT get myself to sleep. I drifted in and out of tiredness and watched MTV, did you know that is actually Jaime Fox singing with Kanye on “Golddigger”? Wow. He is putting those singing lessons from the movie “Ray” to damn good use… I usually like redeye flights. Then I got to NYC, spent 2+ hours on the subway due to slightly off directions to my friend Sarah’s house. Keep in mind I had my newly glued race wheels and a HUGE kit bag with me. Walking 2 blocks was a chore. I finally made it to Sarah and Thomas’ house and we walked Thomas to work and I got a NY bagel with tofu cream cheese. Mmmm.

And EVERYTHING is expensive. It was $8 to get from the airport to Sarah’s. Then I dropped $50 on a car service out to the rental car I had to pick up in New Jersey. There was NO way I could manage lugging my wheels and bags over to NJ on public transportation. Apparently Budget rental does NOT accpet debit cards inside the NY metro area. I don’t own a credit card. I stood there gawking at the rental guy. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” Then I just pulled out my Albina Credit Union debit card and handed it to him, bluffing “try this one.” There is no way it should have worked but, it did. Somehow it worked out, I sped to Newark, Delaware from NYC in 2 hours, stopping to take a nap north of Philly before I just fell asleep at the wheel. Damn, I am tired. Yeah, if you are ever driving up and down the East coast, bring lots of cash. Seemed like I was paying a toll every few miles.

I made it to the Wooden Wheels shop right after they closed and flagged down an employee to let me sneak in and get my bikes. The front wheel on the A bike got knocked out of whack in shipping and I had to run back to the shop and have them true it up for me. It felt so wrong walking up to the counter of another shop “hey, do you think you can do this for me in an hour?” Also, the fork had a pinched dropout. I had to gently pry it apart to let the front wheel fit back in. Can’t tell if the alignment is off or not.

Now my mom and I are hanging out at a coffee shop. I’m going to swing her by the Hallmark store and, after she glanced over my shoulder to see what I am typing, we are going to rent “Ray”.

Christina/Crank Bros sent Veloshop some fancy new “short” TI spindles for the race bikes. They will be there when I get back. I hope Keely is doing ok by herself. If you stop by the Veloshop, be really nice to her. Buy her lunch, I’ll pay you back.

I wonder what Gully’s doing…

No I don’t. I know Wells is out golfing somewhere and the Kona boys are holed up in Tom McD’s fancy house taking long hot baths, Tonkin is probably working on bikes as we speak, and Brian is at home watching the 2nd season of Arrested Development.


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  1. thanks for the mention.
    I linked to you if you don’t mind.
    Good luck this weekend in ma.


    Posted by fatmarc | October 27, 2005, 4:27 am

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