Granogue UCI cross race!

Woke up this morning and rallied my mom to head north a bit towards Granogue. (GRA-NO with a frenchy accent, please.) Things did not go well between us today, she is my mom, she drives me nuts. And, today was NOT the day to drive me nuts. We stayed up late watching that Adam Sandler football movie. The Final yard or something. Ugh. You ever think about those guys making that movie, did they ever stop during filming and just think how f’ing ridiculous it was that they were making it? Or were they all too busy dude-ing out to let thier guard down and think about anything? I think the latter…

Well, I was busy dude-ing out today. Like I said, the Granogue course was very hilly and super off camber, with a couple runup sections and slippery, slippery mud throughout. You would climb to the top of this witch’s tower and ride around the back side of it and then drop down the front of it, sliding kinda out of control the whole time.

I got shafted on the start per usual, starting far behind the callup. The course started on this road section and I drilled it to the top of the road, throwing elbows and shoulders the whole way up. Pissed a couple of people off “Hey!” “We are gonna take you out! @#*%!!” I kinda thought, hey, we are racing, I’m agressive, you are losing. I got spooked for a second and wondered if someone was going to throw a punch, it was really dicey with all the slick mud.

Well, my race went ok, I hooked up with a group racing for 14th place and got spit off the back of it in the last lap. I was cooked. Ended up 17th and $47 richer. Got passed by Adam hodges Myerson with a few laps to go and he was riding FAR better lines than I was. So I copied his lines and watched him ride away. I think he got 11th. I rode better after that. I did not crash and did not make any major mistakes, I think I even pressured a couple people into making errors and crashing out when they were chasing me which, is totally fair. It is all a game of tactics. I don’t really like people on my wheels resting in my draft so I would take super hard lines or change my line at the last possible second to throw them off.

I have a ways to go. My technique is average, my fitness is average.

Well, I miss Portland. It is crazy depressing here. Delaware is pretty, in a New Englandy kinda way. But it is so, so bad here. I spent 2 hours looking for anything healthy to eat tonight, walking up and down Main st. (settling on a crappy salad and hummus) in the heart of the University of Delaware. UofD sucks. It is a frat-party college. Did I mentioned I went to high school here? Those were hands down the worst years of my life. I feel like the people and culture here is crazy. That is what I get living in this little socially conscious bubble on the west coast. I spend so much time taking care of my body and trying to keep healthy that is freaks me out that people don’t even know what Vegan is. I even asked where any veg friendly food was at the hopelessly small Co-op here and they sent me down to: “Spanky’s. Its new”. “Spankys?” I asked. “Yeah, they have a raw-bar.” A raw bar? I got my hopes up thinking hmmm, ok maybe there is some progressive thinking in town. Nope, raw sushi bar (not that sushi is ever cooked). Y’know, raw fish is vegetarian. Well, I guess to some people it is.

Sorry, I’m pissed! It is kinda ridiculous. It makes me sad. Anything besides almond-pumpkin-lattes, new cars and consumerism is beyond most people here.

Sean Woosley hooked me up with some vegan cookies after the race. Thanks dawg. woof! He drove up from his new home in DC.

I’m feeling the Vanilla love too. More than anyother bike I noticed, people would stop and stare at my bikes. When I rode past the Richard Sachs and IF team cars they stopped talking and stared at my bikes. I’m not full of myself really! Just passing along the facts and I am damn proud of Sacha. His work is beautiful. He called me after the race too to ask how it went. That was sweet, I had a whirlwind few days before I took off and did not get a chance to say good-bye to a few people.

No Shannon today, no Tonkin or Mazza either. Just Barry, Ryan, Sean Woosley and I representing for the hometeam. Ryan won. I was nowhere near getting lapped. That feels nice.

Ok, my head is spinning, I found free WIFI inside a 24hour Dunkin Donuts. Watching the college kids pound pastries and coffee working on thier schoolwork. No really, my head is spinning, I think I have vertigo or something.

I hope I get a reputation as the rider that elbows everybody. heh-heh.


4 comments for “Granogue UCI cross race!”

  1. Funny you mention Dunkin Donuts, we were in New England last week my wife and I thought it was crazy all the Dunkin Donut shops!! Any Veg Donuts? Sorry no Voo Doo love. Take care of yo’ self!

    Posted by Patrick | October 22, 2005, 8:56 pm
  2. molly, you little trooper you, keep on keepin on. i’m glued to the computer to see how you are handling it all. take care. love, tommy

    Posted by Anonymous | October 22, 2005, 9:14 pm
  3. Molly, let us know if you need a Fed-X care pac ok

    Race hard!!
    Luv ya,
    Fiona and Lisa

    Posted by Lisa and Fiona | October 23, 2005, 6:19 pm
  4. Hang in, Molly! Just remember to have fun, that’s all that counts! Hope you feel better.

    Posted by Anonymous | October 23, 2005, 7:59 pm

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