My UCI sanctioned boxing match.

Woke up early this Sunday and headed up to the Wissahickon race east of Philly. A UCI cat 2 race today as the first World Cup race is also today (but in Europe.) I just checked out those results, I really, really like the Petr Dlask jersey thing. I don’t remember, did’nt he get dropped from his team for no good reason recently? What’s up with Jon Page? Mechanical? Bad day?

Well, back to my BAD day. I woke up and felt great! Got to the venue and felt great! Great!

The course was a lot like the PIR race Brian and I just put on. Flat, fast, a little sand section, lots of off camber, not much deep mud. Again, I got shafted for the start, last row. Then, as Tim Johnson (he gots no UCI points for a call up) was squeezing his way up towards the front rows he got caught by the UCI officials and they made him go back behind me! Oh, the irony.

My race was brilliant! A wicked fast start, with Johnson nipping at my heels the whole way. I made my way up into the top 15 and all of a sudden this guy comes barreling at me and bounces offa me and into a fence! Tim J. uses that to go around me and I get right on his wheel and we drive it up and around a few people. I bump shoulders with this Richard Sachs rider a bunch and then as I am passing him in the sand section he actually tries to push me off my bike! I keep it upright and ride ahead of him “Hey, you can elbow me but you can’t take your hands off the bars and push me!” I shout kinda laughing. I’ve lost Tim J. at this point and ride past an audibly pissed Ben Turner (“shit!”) and into the top 10. Then out of nowhere the Sachs kid makes this huge effort on the road section just to bodycheck himself right into me trying to crash me into a fence! I keep it upright again and look back, “If you are ready to play dirty, I’ll play dirty.” “I’m not playing dirty, I’M JUST FASTER!” he hollers at me.

I laughed and rode away from him.

I could not believe he even said that.

I just don’t take myself that seriously. Can you even imagine hearing that in a bike race? I mean really, what kinda mental state are you in to bark that out? Especially after trying to crash me out a few times to no avail, and still not getting around me. After the race, it turns out he is Justin Spinelli. Apparently he rode in the Giro di Italia for Saeco and is a big jerk at local east coast races. (so I hear, no offense.)

Oh, ego. Oh, testosterone.

Well, I was pretty sure he was going to punch me at some point so I just raced away from him. Kinda wierd to think that he rode in the Giro and now he is getting spanked by a transgendered vegan cookie eating mother fucker. Ha!

Well, back to the race. And really, I’ll make it short, reading about racing can only be so fun. I promise I’ll gossip about doing it and making out in a minute. I bridge up to these fast Fort-GPOA and Rock lobster riders and “Lets work, I REALLY wanna drop this Sachs guy.” “Yeah!” they shout back. We work really hard and then…

…I bonk! With 2 laps left in the race I go from 9th place to 20th place. In 2 laps! You can NOT imagine how embarassed I felt. I was letting myself down, my sponsors down, my friends down. I counted the 11 people as they just waltzed past me. I had nothing. I was finished. I wanted to quit right there and hobble off to the car and sob.

But, I did’nt. I knew what was hapening and as much as it sucked, I had to finish it up strong. I would call it my “black day” but, I think that is racist.

Hey, 20th place, I got my race fee back, $30!

After the race I wandered over to get my $ and met Mark Mcormack. He was a really nice guy! You deal with this stressed out meat heads (see above) so often in bicycle racing that meeting someone with a pleasant personality was a breath of fresh air. We introduced each other and he told me to eat more than a banana for breakfast next time. Noted. Lesson learned.

Everyone on the east coast has been really stoked to see Vanilla out there putting it down. I heard random people I have never met screaming “Portland!” “Go Stumptown!”. I met Richard Sachs too! He was really nice. I got to watch him race in the masters race. Sacha once told me he was impressed that I can run a bike shop and race seriously, I think it is pretty impressive that Richard can STILL be a framebuilder and STILL show up and race! I hope that when I am a little older, my shop is still around and I am still involved with racing in one way or another. I really like it when I see Sacha racing his SS, you have to be in touch with the people you are building bikes for.

So. I’m in NYC right now after driving up to stay with Sarah and Thomas in Brooklyn.

So, making out? I got nothing. I miss my ladyfriend. For reals! We’ve been calling each other everyday and it is really nice. I did take my mom out to dinner at “Homegrown” in Newark. It is a restaurant that this woman I used to fool around with in the darkroom in highschool during 6th period photo class opened up a few years ago with her husband.

Thats it, thats all you get. That is the closest I’ve gotten to fooling around.

Now I am off to get Thai food.

No golf, no “baby victory salutes“. I hope Ryan or Barry never, EVER do that…


7 comments for “My UCI sanctioned boxing match.”

  1. You’re cracking me up with all these antics! Body checks? WTF? I can’t believe those guys.

    Thanks for keeping us all posted…we’re rooting for you.

    Posted by Jonathan Maus | October 24, 2005, 8:44 pm
  2. hey molly -
    my comment from earlier this evening is missing?

    Posted by e-RICHIE | October 24, 2005, 8:53 pm
  3. Hey Richard, try reposting. I have a policy of NOT editing anyones posts so, I dunno what happened…

    Posted by Molly Cameron | October 24, 2005, 9:13 pm
  4. Stop feeling bad for yourself, Molly! 20th place, in a UCI race?! You’re the fastest “transgendered vegan cookie eating mother fucker” I know! Stay fast and have fun.

    Posted by Anonymous | October 24, 2005, 10:46 pm
  5. (here is the missing blog comment i posted that never appeared. molly was kind enough to send it after he found it in his mailbox. fwiw, we have exchanged emails and are on the same page.)


    hey molly – it was nice to meet you.

    as far as your entry text goes, i don’t think it’s fair to present your side of this as “the” side. when jon page raced for us, he would often explain away race results with one phrase:
    bumpin’s bikin’.
    needless to say, i was not in the race with you and i do trust that you would not fabricate this, but i do feel that there is no need for you to embellish the facts with personal innuendo. why not just leave it all on the race course? justin is a pal of mine and he has ridden with us since 1998. otoh, i just met you sunday and i feel as if we had a nice introduction and shared a moment. reading your account here affects that. i hope the both of you can race, do your best, and leave knowing that there is life after sunday.
    email me if you want to converse.

    Posted by e-RICHIE | October 25, 2005, 9:18 am
  6. Molly, nice reports — I like your extemporaneous style. Glad to hear that you’re doing well out east. BTW, I’m a dad and I wouldn’t ever do the “baby cradle” …

    Posted by Brooke Hoyer | October 26, 2005, 9:03 am
  7. molly you’re my freakin hero!

    Posted by Anonymous | October 27, 2005, 8:29 pm

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