Back in raintown.

I am SO glad to be home.

The trip to the east coast was amazing. I got to experience some different and challenging racing. There is a LOT of room to improve and get faster but, I achieved my first little goal of a top 20 UCI finish. The top 15 is going to be really tough to break into.

Visiting my best friends (Sarah and Thomas) in NYC was great, I have not spent much time with either of them in a long while, due in no small part to a falling out over ex-date drama. We never really did get to talk about a bunch of stuff but, I think maybe it was better to leave things as they are and just enjoy each others company for the week I was there.

I am back into the grind at the Veloshop the work is so damn satisfying. Everyday I just have to go and work for myself. It rules. I am really excited about building up some tubular cross wheels for my teammate Steven Hunter.

I’m right back to training. Though the weather this week has been AMAZING! Windy as hell and raining non-stop. I was anticipating my cross bikes to be back via UPS today. no dice. I may have to skip the Eugene cyclocross race this Sunday and maybe I’ll take my road bike out. Maybe ride down there or something. Or just go and heckle, or ride my 29er. I should ride my 29″ though I stuck some cross tyres on it and went down to the Sellwood cross practice and just felt goofy on it. Maybe I should just rock it mountain bike style.

My Veloshop teammates are really stepping up. Take look at this impressive photo. Beth has been putting it down. Gettin ‘er done. There is lots of Veloshop team motivation right now. Mike Hildbrant bought a team van to carpool us all to races. Brian, Steven, Patrick, Matt Hall and others are uprgrading to elite cyclocross this year and next. That is really impressive. All these cat 4 roadies are pretty dynamite in the mud.

Bridgette Stoick has been impressive this year too. The quality of women’s elite cyclocross has gotten so much better since last season. Teams like Velo Bella have infused highly talented women racers into the scene and Rhonda Mazza and Bridgette are having to really fight for thier results. They both get huge shout outs for finishing the USGP #3 at Gloscester.

Man, that race was epic.

Ok, gotta run, people keep calling me on my cellphone to haggle with me about bike parts in the shop. I should just get back, I’ll post more of this re-cap later.


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