Gravel pit. Felt like shit.

Another week ticks off. Another cross race finished.

Middle of this week one of my Veloshop riders John Dorfer took a spill in the park and was out for a couple minutes. Ended up in the hospital for a couple days with a broken back! Quick action by JV and Patrick of Veloshop got John hauled out of Forest Park on a stretcher strapped to an ATV! I just read an email from him, he is off the bike till February, bed rest for the next couple weeks, 2 fractured vertabrae, stiches and gnarly road rash on the face.


Speaking of ouch. Did anyone else suffer like I did today at the Cyclocross Crusades Barton park race (aka: the gravel pit.)? I felt horrible! I tried to take the hole shot and just paid for it. It was kinda unusual, I can always make that huge effort and recover quickly from it and then motor it for the rest of the race but, I just died trying to stick with Carl Decker and Shannon Skerritt. Like 15 people cruised past me as I was wheezing and huffing in the first lap…

Cary Miller was riding so strong and blasted past me and I sucked his wheel for a lap, then he flatted and I bridged up to Mikkel Bossen and we dropped Timmy Evans (I think) and then Mikkel flatted!

I really felt bad. I had no gas and was not recovering at all. I held it out for 4th place behind Kevin Hulick and Shannon and Carl. Evan Plews was cruising up on me in the last few laps and if it had been a longer race I think he would have eventually got me.

In other exciting news: Steven Hunter and Mark Blackwelder took 1st and 2nd in the B race!

Hey, I’m going to end this post real quick. I left it hanging when stuff got crazy at the shop. It is way late now and I am just getting back from attending a Campagnolo seminar.


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  1. Molly – do you have contact info (email, or otherwise) for John? I don’t know him well but got to know him while racing fixed at Tabor this summer. It’s good to hear he’s going to be ok, but at the very least I would like to drop him a “get well soon” note.

    Dan Porter

    Posted by Anonymous | November 15, 2005, 2:17 pm

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