Did a century, drink lots of coffee.

Rode out to the Banana Belt race series #1 at Hagg Lake yesterday with Ira Ryan, Matt Hall and Cary Miller. They ended up eating at McDonalds. Can you even handle that? They are telling me cross season is won with Mcmuffins in March. I’m not buying it.

Sacha White is down at the Handbuilt bicycle show in San Jose right now. The only current link I could find and the official website and a couple of Cyclingnews reports: part one and part two. Tony Pereira gets a photo and mention in there too.

Feels kinda like sending Sacha off to his National Championship event. He has spent so much energy and put so much time into the bikes he has down at the show…

Ok, I’m ignoring Matt. Gotta ride.


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  1. Eight pages of photos from the Handbuilt Show:

    Sacha’s beautiful beautiful bikes are on the last page.

    The trike is amazing!

    Posted by Anonymous | March 6, 2006, 9:41 am

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