Kings Valley road race:

Mark Blackwelder won the Kings Valley road race today. Our new teammate Kim Mullen placed 12th in the women’s race at King’s Valley. Robin Calver got 4th in the cat 4 race too! Wow, a team victory gets me all pumped! I think I may have a new cat 2 teammate racing with me soon. I hope. Then I will have someone to work for in road races. We’ve got to get Jess back on the road too.

Mark came by the shop with poor shifting and low morale yesterday. “just go ride your bike, let the race happen and see how you feel.” I said. Sometimes you have the best ride when you least expect it. I remember flying to the east coast last fall for a cross racing weekend. I was getting sick, and I scheduled my flight so I got in 3 hours before my race start. (risky, I know.) After a shitty flight, Dan Langlois met me at the airport with Emily and my bikes, we drove straight to the race, I ran out and as Dan put my bikes together, signed in and went to the line. I went on to have one of the best race weekends of my season.

Matt Hall is one of my teammates I am scared of. He knows it too. He taught me everything I know about mountain biking and will out-descend me any day. You keep your friends close and your enemies closer right? I’ve got my eye on you Black Markwelder. And on that flexy thing too! I’m impressed. Please tell me you had the powertap wheel on there.

Tomorrow: 6 hours, then we get to watch L’Enfer du Nord and eat cookies!


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  1. Molly,
    How were you able to watch Paris-Roubaix? Im so jealous.

    Posted by cogswell | April 10, 2006, 10:03 am
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