Stumptown pow-wow.

Ira and I bickered at work today. So to make up for it I took him out for a burrito. We met up with Cary Miller (aka: “the miller kid” Sorry, I’ll try to keep everyone up to date on the sweet nicknames) well, the Miller Kid was waiting around for us and I lagged, per usual. Cary had headed home already.

I called him and he dragged his butt back to the Laughing Planet and met us for food with Kevin Hulick, and then Sacha rolled by on his bike, then we went to Stumptown and had some espresso and I got really hyper and started talking about cyclocross. Kevin is going to be racing for Vanilla bicycles with Shannon and I next cross season. I’m pretty excited about it. So we are all standing around in Stumptown and more and more people just keep dropping in and saying hi. It gets out of control, I panic and leave.

Just kidding. It was really nice to run in to all those sweet people in one night. I felt like crap all last weekend so took Monday off from training and just decided to relax after work. Now Brian and I are watching “Lost” at home scheming about Belgium in the winter.

Don’t bother watching “Hustle and Flow” it is pathetically offensive. Kinda like a parody of a parody of a genre. And just too fucked up to women.


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  1. I think you didn’t “get” H&F. It isn’t a parody, it’s about the mired-in-shit world in which a lot of people dwell, and how some people have so few choices (and now and then they make the correct ones). I thought it treated the women very well, considering that many in that “environment” are treated far worse – and isn’t portraying the truth far more valuable then the Hollywood schlock they heave at us – I mean, they’re prostitutes and he’s a pimp. This isn’t Pretty Woman!

    Posted by oscar | April 19, 2006, 12:02 pm
  2. Are you kidding?

    I thought it was Hollywood schlock…

    It treated the women well?

    Wait, wait, wait. Portraying the truth?

    Are you serious?

    Posted by Molly Wood Cameron | April 19, 2006, 12:35 pm
  3. K. Check out the doc “OT: Our Town”
    It IS real and it IS a great flick.
    Um, haven’t seen H&F, just checking in on the site.

    Posted by matt | April 19, 2006, 8:19 pm

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