Reheers race report. Tragedy.

My mom’s sister passed away early this week. She was in a fatal car accident on her way pick my mom up for a doctors appointment. We were not too close, I have not spoken to her in a few years. Barbara, she looked so much like my mom. I’d really like to fly out to Delaware and be with my mom for the funeral, she is going through so much shit. A divorce, working again after a long unemployment stint, lots of health issues.

But, I just can’t. I’m sure I could afford too but, it was my employee’s last day and now I am left on my own again at the Veloshop. Time, time…

If I only had more time.

I raced a mountian bike race last Sunday. The Race at Reheers. Its been a week but, to recap, I had a good ride. I started hard and steady, chasing an assortment of wheels up the long climb. Eric Tonkin trucked off and I decided not to force myself to chase. I kept it steady with Hott Sam and Chad Swanson putting the hurt on me. Chad and I made it into the single track first and after a few hilarious crashes we had a “let’s catch Tonkin” group together. Long story short, I kept pushing myself until John Hammersmith and I started cramping right about the same time. Luke Pennington killed us on the descents and Chad Swanson made a good post-crash comeback to jam away from me on the final stretch to the finish. I finished 6th overall.

And I’m happy about it. I’ve finally finished up a bike race in good shape.

That course was amazing. We’ve got to get more people out to mountain bike races. By far one of the funnest and most challenging courses in Oregon.


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  1. funnest is my favorite word

    Posted by anonymous | May 30, 2006, 3:40 pm

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