Thursday track racing.


Tony Kic, Markwelder, James Adamson and I tore it up at the velodrome on Thursday. For the last 3 years I’ve been on my own at the track racing against big teams and stronger riders. It is a rough way to race, chasing everything down on your own, marking all the attacks by yourself.

Thursday night was a little payback.

I convinced Candi (OBRA matriarch) to combine the category 1-2 and 3 points races, partly due to a low turnout and partly because I wanted to race with my Veloshop teammates. The race played out as expected. I was going to go hard and stretch it out early, chase down any initial strong moves to set Markwelder up for the win. He needs the points to move up to the category 2 on the track. James Adamson and Tony Kic were going to cover the rest of the attacks and chase down people when we needed it.

So, Steve Beardsley gets on my ass when I take the first flyer and we lap the field pretty quickly. That was unplanned but, fine by me. The rest was textbook team tactics. We overpowered everyone else out there in numbers and we played it perfectly. Mark and Zac went off to take a lap and I marked Steven. He seemed pretty spent from covering all the bases by himself. (I know that feeling) James and Tony were blocking and attacking and I took a few of the points sprints in a row just launching off the front with no one willing to chase.

With a few sprints to go I start barking to Tony to take me up track, I’m yelling him on and barking commands and he just drags me up track and then we dive out of the final corner and I go off the front with Markwelder in tow. We take the points and then sit just off the back of the field to snag all the points and come in 1-2 for the win. I swore I let him take enough of the points but, I think I snagged the win by a couple.

End race report.


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