Shimano. Tabor.

Got dragged around the Mt. Tabor race Wednesday night behind Jesse Sampson, Doug Ollerenshaw and Russell Stevenson. Russell was making the break work hard. When he had enough towing us around he bridged up to Jesse and Doug. I was left wheezing and sprinted for 4th place in our group. Was kinda boxed for the sprint and got 6th or 7th overall, I think.

Russell stopped by the shop yesterday and brought a bunch of dealer info, he is the Portland Shimano sales rep. Brought a pair of demo Dura Ace SL clincher wheels too! I spent the evening setting them up on my Vanilla cross bike. Not the lightest wheels. Really stiff so far.

Met up with an accountant today and had lunch with Kevin Condron and the Vanilla crew. It was really nice and sunny out, sitting on a bench gossiping about le Tour de France and other racing stuff.

Really nice day today.

Cyclocross stuff is slowly trickling in the shop, tubulars and such.


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