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my eye story
Posted by: “Jed Floding”
Date: Thu Aug 31, 2006 2:52 pm (PDT)

Dig this, I was working back in Mpls, MN at an exotic pet hospital. We
just moved into a new building and we had an open house. One co-worker
brought her 4yo Burmese Python and was in the breakroom. A visitor
came into the room and was fascinated by this snake (the size of your
bicep and 5ft in length, big girl). She was way to vocal and I couldn’t
get her to understand that snakes really don’t enjoy loud noises, too
many vibrations, as snakes can not hear efficiently. The snake took one
look at me and then looked at this woman and lunged. It took less than
one second for this serpent to jump 7ft and stick right into her face.
Pythons are constrictors and have many small razor sharp teeth that are
shaped like fish hooks. Venomous snakes have the classic 4 fangs.
Anyway, many teeth had punctured through her cornea and caused severe
damage. I had to hold this snake up (dangling from her face) while waiting
for help to prevent any further damage and while I did this
the snake started to constrict around my arm and neck. Fortunately
that person can still see, but I bet she won’t stick her face in front of
another snake. Later.


Re: my eye story
Posted by: “Quenton Conant”
Date: Thu Aug 31, 2006 3:32 pm (PDT)


When I was living in Ghana there was this one trapper who I would
head out to the bush with to collect herps. We had been collcting
scoprions the day before and he had gotten taged like 3 or 4 times on
his right hand. The thing was so swolen the next day it was like a
memory foam mattress. Anyways, we went out two days later and he was
jumbling around digging up a burrow for Ball Pythons, stuck his hand
in and came out with a Forrest Cobra. Because his good hand was still
swollen, he was using his left and he miscalculated and got tagged
right on the bony protrusion right over his eye. He was soo lucky it
hit bone, otherwise he would have lost his eye at the very least. It
took us an hour to get him to the military hospital, after another
few hours of them giving him antivenom, they released him the next
day, but for an entire month the tissue around where the snake bit
just kept dying off like a wound that just wouldn’t heal. It took
almost the enitre time untill I left before for his skin to start to
look normal. The moral is that even professionals have accident.

I’ll take boids over elapids any day (except for large retics)!


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