Now, I'm the jerk at Crema…

…who rode her carbon wheels to get an Americano. My ladyfriend is back in town from a long week working at Cycle Oregon. And, I’m dropping her off at the airport tomorrow for another 10 day trip back home to visit her parents.

While not having her around and sleeping alone for a week sucks, I’ve been able to put in tons of quality training and work hours at the Veloshop. I also spent the week trying to avoid coffee and sugar, fending off a cold.

My housemate has started up a really sweet new cyclocross website, go check it out:

The rain in Portland has started coming, we did a little mock race at Sellwood on Sunday morning that saw more than a few of us get more than a few flats each. I put a nice little hole in my tubular and rolled through the long sand section on my rim before jogging back to the finish. Speaking of jogging, running is getting so much easier! I’ve been doing lots of work on my running and it is paying off. Y’know how you blast up a run up and then remount all tired and trying to accelerate away hurts like hell? Not anymore.

You are all so screwed.IMGP0586.JPG

So, a little sealant inside the ol’ Tufo and I rode back to hang out with Pete and eat a little brunch at Caitlin and Jesse’s house. Cary Miller called and we met up at the Veloshop later to do some more riding in the park.

ouch. He killed me yesterday. We only did a few hours but it was at race tempo and I could not help but trying to stick it to him at every stop sign and hill top and tight corner. I’m paying for it right now.

I’m heading off to Michigan Thursday morning for my first 2 UCI cross races this year. I get to stay with my aunt Patti Cameron. My old teammate Bridgette and her boypal Ian Brown are heading out to the races too. It will be solid to have Ian and Bridgette there, Ian is always hot on my heels and maybe we can work together a little if the chance arises. Plus, they are good kids to hang out and find Thai food with.

I’m feeling pumped about the next few weeks. Michigan, then Starcrossed and the 1st Cross Crusade weekend, then off to the New England world championships.

PS: I’ve been getting these anonymous hip-hop CDs mailed to me at the shop. It is kinda freaking me out but, thanks! Rhymefest is so good. “brand new brand new”


5 comments for “Now, I'm the jerk at Crema…”

  1. whoa. cute photo alert! so, i guess you’re gonna miss my wedding for the new england race, hu? damn. at least I can nix the vegan cake….

    Posted by dirt doll | September 18, 2006, 8:02 pm
  2. Hey now…

    I’m not the only vegan alive.

    Just make sure the cake tastes like cardboard.

    Your boyfriend/fiance/husband is a keeper.

    I’m pretty sad I’m going to miss it, remember hanging out in your house bitching about what’s his name from Oz?

    Posted by Molly | September 19, 2006, 12:32 pm
  3. are you gonna make it out to granogue this year?


    Posted by fatmarc | September 19, 2006, 6:16 pm
  4. The vegan cake is going to be the naz cuz it’s from the best vegan bakery in town . Maybe Pete and her date will save you a slice. We’ll miss you!
    (Oh yeah…total keeper)

    Posted by dirt doll | September 19, 2006, 6:38 pm
  5. yeah check me out im famous! cred in the obra world. thanks for the “brownie bite” you turd. xoxoxoxooo

    Posted by oil can henrys | September 19, 2006, 7:43 pm

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