Not the race I was planning on.

But I’ll take the UCI points. Thanks!

While warming up I did not feel too great. Kinda sluggish. And it shows in the result. I had a back of the pack start again and jumped right up into 3rd place by the end of the starting straight. 6 or 7 of us were sticking it to the rest of the race and I was sitting in a good spot. The course was pretty hard. Lots of off camber stuff, pretty slick and grassy.

I got popped off the lead group with 5 to go. I need more fitness.

So, not quite the race I was planning on.

I’ve got work to do…


2 comments for “Not the race I was planning on.”

  1. Molly-
    Don’t be too hard on yourself…and PLEASE tell us waht place you got. (’cause I know it was a top ten) You should be proud…and if you ain’t we are. ;)

    Posted by Michelle | September 23, 2006, 6:24 pm
  2. Oh right. 8th place. I was sucking wind the last handfull of laps…

    Posted by Molly | September 24, 2006, 4:11 am

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