I’ve got a good little block of training done this week and I am really, really happy for a day off the bike.
Tuesday found me passing Tonkin on his way to work; me on my way out. A bunch of wheels strapped to his back. I was doing the same thing a few hours earlier.

I’d like to make an observation about carbon wheels.

Tubular glue does not like to stick to them. I’ve gotten in the habit of checking my tyres after every race and pretty much having to re-glue them every other week. I attended the Bill Woodul pro race mechanic’s clinic a couple years back. And we had this handout in one of the classes (the gluing up pro tubulars class) that demonstrated the adhesive quality of carbon vs. aluminium rims and the various different glues. Vittoria Mastik (ps: I recommend using it or Soyo brand cement) was the clear winner; though there was not a very significant difference between the different brands of glue. And carbon rims had a pretty poor level of adhesion compared to aluminium.

The tyres always have plenty of glue still on them but, the carbon rims are starved on the sides of the concave rim section, the glue just pulls off the rim because the bond to the tyre is so much better than the bond to the carbon.

So, I reglue my wheels every couple weeks.

Anyways, I was attempting this interval workout yesterday morning and my legs felt pretty bad. Like I still had jetlag or something. I’m jumping into these intervals and, after a couple hours of riding I’m near the end of the last set.

I start sobbing.

Yeah, the workout sucked. It was hard, my legs hurt. But, I really have not let myself go in the last couple weeks. And here I am, 7am by myself way out on Hwy 30, training. And everything kinda caught up to me and I lost composure and started bawling for a few minutes.

It felt good.


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  1. Nothing wrong with letting it out. Hang tough.

    Posted by enduronsnob | October 27, 2006, 1:50 pm
  2. Agreed. When I lived in Astoria I was in a long distance relationship with my fiance (now wife, yay!) and just dealing with all the bullshit and loneliness and just breaking down on the bike while I was out riding around clatsop county. It does feel good. Here’s to the next interval session molly!

    Posted by Jason | October 27, 2006, 8:26 pm
  3. I wish I could do that.
    I asked my keirin racer friend about cyclocross in Japan, and he is looking into it for me. I hope to represent Veloshop in Japan!

    Hang in there Molly!


    Posted by Peter | October 30, 2006, 2:26 am
  4. hey, are you getting all of the mold release off the carbon before glueing? A bit of acetone will work (nasty shit though), and it is generaly considered safe for the matrix.

    Posted by Andy | October 30, 2006, 8:59 pm
  5. Molly-
    Hwy 30 make all of us want to cry…which I’ll have to remember the next time I need to do just that. I remember coming to visit you on some pretty shitty days, just because I knew that you’de make me feel better and be there in case I did start crying. I didn’t tell you thanks yet, so now I am and I’d love to return the favor. Untill then I hope that you know that I’m thinking of you.
    PS Thanks for rounding up a bunch of the most awesome peeps in Portland on bikes and getting us to wear pink and black spandex.

    Posted by Michelle | October 30, 2006, 9:52 pm

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