USGP finals. F'ing sick, again.

I’ve had a bunch of bad luck, bad timing and bad legs so far this cx season.

25th place last Saturday at my first race back since being sick for the last couple weeks. I drove up to Puyallup and stayed with my dad’s family (including my 2 little half brothers, exciting!) on Friday evening. Was feeling excited to be over my cold and ready to have a stellar weekend. It went ok, I had a decent race but, that long run up took its toll on my less than stellar fitness. I was going back and forth with Tilford and he kept crashing then riding right back up to me. Pete met my dad and my little brothers. I was really motivated for Sunday.

On the drive back to Portland, my throat started hurting and I woke up feeling pretty crummy Sunday morning.

This is getting frustrating. Being sick, skipping races, not being able to train and barely able to work at the Veloshop.usgp6a.jpg

Sunday I was pumped! Sore throat or not, it was a sloppy muddy mess and right up my alley. I was ready to have a great race. And I did. Skirted around the first lap crash and moved up into 12th place withing reach of the lead group. Elbowed people out of the way and found a great rhythm.

pop! Both tyres went flat and I ran and ran and ran and ran. Ran some more. Cussed a little. Then Russell Stevenson rolls past “you want my wheels!?” No. Fuck it.

Then he hops off and gives me his wheels. I bury myself for the last few laps, swap back to my other bike and get a few friendly pushes from Damian and spectators and cross the line frustrated and disappointed again. 35th place. That is where I ended up in the USGP overall too. I sacrificed my CX Crusade overall to move up in the USGP overall and screwed myself in both series.
I’ve been having a rough time of it. Just crummy timing.
This is the mid point of my cx season. I’ve got my tickets and host housing all set in Belgium and I’ll be doing 6-9 races.

Plus, I’ll be in Rhode Island from the 8th-18th of December for Nationals and the Casters/Stedman UCI weekend before.

And why did they kill off Mr. Eko?! Behind Locke, he was my favorite.

I’ll write more when I stop hacking phlem…


5 comments for “USGP finals. F'ing sick, again.”

  1. 3 words: Vegan Ice Cream

    it makes everything better.

    repeat as needed.

    Posted by justin | November 23, 2006, 4:23 am
  2. It was AWESOME seeing you line up with the very same high rollers of the sport, I was proud to know you, to be able to walk into your very shop!
    luck to you from here on out!!

    Posted by Guy | November 23, 2006, 8:28 pm
  3. Sorry to hear. I’d been wondering how you are all this week. Didn’t know you were a Lost fan. Take it easy. There’s still time before nationals.

    Posted by Mel | November 24, 2006, 9:47 am
  4. Yuck. Feel better, Molly.
    Keep at it. It’s got to all come together at some point, right?
    Look at it this way: you’re due.
    And remember we love you no matter what :)

    Posted by Snarky Pants | November 24, 2006, 2:39 pm
  5. How ’bout a spolier warning next time on the Lost info ;)

    In the age of Tivo, some people fall behind.

    Posted by jaffy | November 28, 2006, 10:11 pm

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