Sint Niklass – good bye Belgium. For now.

Stayed up late last night after the race in Sint Niklass. I figure if I deprive myself of sleep tonight I can doze on the plane and start resetting my biological clock.

Yesterday’s race was really fun. The only big euro pros there were Sven Nys and Jonathan Page. There was a Palmans Collstrop guy too. The race came after 2 days of really hard racing so, most of the euro talent decided to skip it.

Not the Americans.

We were out in force and as the Elite and Beloften races were combined the 70 deep field probably had 15-20 english speaking riders in it!

The new Lotto-Predictor (more on that later) Protour road team was present at the start. There was a connection with the promoter and it served as the first real public presentation for the squad. They got the benefit of a pre call up start position (in front of everyone but Nys) but then as we were lining up to race a bunch of the guys looked back and started waving us through! Jaime Driscoll and I gladly slid up a few spots and I look back and Tom Steels is waving forward. I just said “Tom Steels?” and gawked. “Yeah” came the sheepish reply as I was nerdily shaking his hand. He was obviously just there to smile and stand around at the start making the kit look good; he was not stoked about the throttling he was about to receive.

Yes, since you asked, I beat Tom Steels.

The start was hilarious! The Lotto-Predictor road guys just launch themselves onto the course and go flying everywhere! As we bottleneck onto the grass from the pavement straight this LP guy does a full rear wheel skid right into the back on the group. Bikes are everywhere, legs and arms are flailing! People are pushing each other out of the way.

I’m kinda laughing about it. At the start line everyone is joking around and making small talk. The course suited me. Mud, long off camber sections, sand, mud, sand and some fast singletrack sections. Most of the mud was on flat parts of the course so I could really get in to a rhythm.

You are still bordering on wrecking every second in the mud out here. It is so haphazard. The lanes are wide and the grassy mud just does not want to create lines. You can kinda tell people have been mostly riding to the right in one section but really it is no faster than just jamming around wherever you want. There are still little ruts everywhere that kick your front wheel every which way. You are going along super fast in a straight line and suddenly you are careening towards the course tape and signpost.

I should end this report right here, I just got back to Portland and started it before the flight from Belgium. Totally lost the train of thought…


6 comments for “Sint Niklass – good bye Belgium. For now.”

  1. for some reason I thought Lotto-Predictor was a product name… I was almost going to ask where I could get me one.


    I’m dumb.


    Posted by Quenton | January 5, 2007, 5:14 pm
  2. Whoop! Welcome back Molly!!! I missed you.

    Posted by Michelle | January 6, 2007, 9:11 am
  3. you want me to finish the report creatively? crashsaves ending in fakie backpedaling… intentional nosewheelies through the deeper stuff to try to keep your drivetrain clean… Nys getting in your way, forcing you to apologetically ride over him….

    Posted by markwelder | January 7, 2007, 12:46 pm
  4. Tom Steels = one tough Belgian classics rider. Nice job beating him.

    Posted by Steve | January 7, 2007, 8:44 pm
  5. Quenton,
    Lotto-Predictor=pro bicyling team. You figured that part out.
    Lotto=Belgian Lottery Comission or something of the sort.
    Predictor= a product, a home pregnancy test to be exact. So you probably could get yourself one.

    The Lotto-Predictor kit is pink; it’s cute!

    Welcome home Molly!!!

    Posted by cogswell | January 9, 2007, 9:57 pm
  6. Not only did you beat Tom Steels, you beat Greg van Avermaet and Paris-Roubaix winner Johan van Summeren. I miss those pink Lotto-Predictor kits.

    Posted by franz | September 21, 2011, 3:49 pm

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