World cup! Whirlwind lifestyle.

Holy shit! That World Cup carnage video is perfect. When is the last time you saw an elite pile up like that in a domestic cx race?

Yeah!Good Vegan article here!

I’ve been forcing myself to take a month off the bike but, even if I tried to ride, I could not find the time!

The Veloshop is super busy. Which is surprising at this time of year but, the sun is out in Portland.

I’m keeping tabs on the crew from the house in Tielt-Winge. Parbo and Greg had stellar races recently.

Damn! I’m ignoring work at the shop. Off to do inventory.


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  1. Damn,
    I think I might check out that lady’s books. I like the creativity she showed, and her posistion on people need to learn how to properly cook vegetables first. Thanks for the turn on.

    Stay busy!

    but not too too busy.

    Posted by Quenton | January 25, 2007, 1:28 am

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