Update from Pete in Spain parte quattro:

I hope Pete does not get pissed that I am posting most of these updates. It sounds brutal. Pete if anything, is tough. And if she is getting tired and burned out, you know it is f’ing hard:

“If I was tired before…I am now officially dead. I have started to hallucinate and see moving shapes in the carpet. I took some fun photos today, but am too beat to even look for the camera.

I haven’t eaten anything other than pasta, bread and red bull since last sunday…I’m serious. I have been trying to ration my one package of tofurky jerky and Lara bars. It seems there are not vegetarian cyclists here and no vegetarians in the history of Spain. Ha!

Leaving for Italy tmrw…prolly won’t get a chance to write for awhile.

I miss you and the laughing planet quite a bit.”


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  1. “miss you and the laughing planet quite a bit”

    … at least you got top billing! :)

    Seriously – I’m loving these updates from Pete. I hope she doesn’t get pissed about them either because I want you to keep ‘em coming. Pete needs to come home and write an expose. :)

    Posted by SnarkyFit | June 18, 2007, 5:42 pm

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