Tour of Ohio stage 1:

My redeye flight was brutal!

No sleep, packed flights, delayed flights the usual.

I got in to Cincinatti at 7am and sat for 2 hours before a 25 minute flight to Columbus. It would have been quicker if the OA van just came to pick me up in Cincinatti!

I’ve got some photos but, the net access is only available at “Keroac Kafe” cafe down the street. I must have tossed and turned for 10 fit full hours last night. But I crept out of the bed after noon.

The crit was in the evening on a tight little course in the downtown of some small Ohio town. It is pretty hot and humid here 80+. It was windy as shit too! Midwest thunderstorm weather.

I almost missed the start while I was out warming up. 120+ riders on a tight, figure eight .6k course.

I started dead last. It was about a 2 hour race and I spent the first hour getting to the front. Akira (from the OA team) was up front too and once I got up to him I bridged up to the one break of the day and that was pretty sweet. I missed out on a big money prime by a couple bike lengths.

The break got pulled back and I think I finished in the top 20.

There is a big Abercrombie ang Fitch squad here and they are semi-pro and fast. They controlled the race and got a 1-2. No other big teams here. Lots of fast roadies though.
Today: 50 mile circuit race.


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  1. Hey Molly: Good Luck! And I hope the lightening and thunder leaves you alone. What’s a crit? My ignorance is showing. Oh well.

    About 30 bikers 5 abreast came thru the neighborhood while I was walking the dog this eve–the sound was cool and so were all the colors. jp

    Posted by Judith A. | June 19, 2007, 7:52 pm

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