Update from Pete in Spain parte cinco:

Happy birthday Peterson:

IMGP1117.JPG“I got to spend my 30th birthday at a bike race and in the truck for a 15 hour ( 3 stops) drive to Lucca, Italy. Woo-hoo! The mechanic and I drove through the night to arrive here at 4:30 this morning. It looks like I’ll be sleeping on a pull out couch for the week. Awesome.

IMGP1118.JPGAs per the usual, I got horrendously lost trying to locate the feed zone of the race two days ago. I stopped and asked an official where to go and after about five minutes of me totally brutalizing the spanish language he said,”I come”! So, he jumped in my car and took me about half a mile to the feed zone…which was on the highway! They completely stopped traffic and closed down the highway so the riders could get through. Can you imagine that happening on I-5? So, I tell my new friend that I also don’t know how to get to the end of the race. He tells me that he will escort me to the end which was in the city center of Bilbao, Spain. This wonderful guy pretty much saved my life on this particular day. I took his photo. He told me my spanish was excellent and then started laughing. The Vuelta Birra is finished.

IMGP1123.JPGWe are living at SRM headquarters in Lucca, Italy. I met the guy (Uli?) who invented the SRM this morning and asked him for some toilet paper. We were out. The villa is pretty huge and under quite a bit of construction. There are four apartments off of the main house where the cyclists stay when they are in between races or to train. I heard a rumor that Mario Cipollini lives a few houses up the road. I think the girls really need a break and so do I. We are here until Thursday and then we travel to Trentino for a few days of racing.”


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