Tour of Ohio stage 3:

It is my fault for not knowing the course but…

My teammate Akira went in a mid race break in the long road race yesterday and I had the pleasure of blocking and chasing down little groups for the last 30 miles.

His break looked set to stay away but we caught them on the final big climb a few miles from the finish.

I counterattacked over the climb and got a huge gap and was a few seconds behind the lead break of 3 when…

I blew a poorly marshalled corner at the bottom of a screaming descent. I knew it was there but, I was cross eyed and on the attack. I corrected at the last minute but, skidded to the guardrail, lost all my speed and once I started jamming up the last 500 meters the field caught and passed me.


That is what you get for not knowing the course.

I finished with the field so, I am still 9th on GC.

Sorry, race talk is pretty boring but, that is all I am up to right now!

Oh! I avoided just about every crash yesterday by the skin of my teeth! The courses out here are unrelenting. There is hardly anywhere to recover, it is up and down and up and down the whole time.

Met Mark Hekman after we bumped elbows in the pack. Good to have a chuckle about it instead of the “holyshit manwhatthehell watchyourline fuck!” you get from the stressed out racers. He seemed pretty casual about the whole race, which I appreciate.

I am feeling pretty good. A little sore. I certainly did not have a lot in the tank yesterday. And using my single match for what should have been a winning move, but was not, is frustrating.

Today is a circuit race. My kinda race with a big ring hill every lap.


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  1. Wow. So sorry to read about that biff. Have to say tho, that it a strange way it’s somewhat reassuring that sometimes even guys like you make mistakes once in a while. Love reading your blog. May fortune smile on you in the next go.

    Posted by sydney | June 21, 2007, 11:55 am

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