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Dugast tires FOR SALE:

Hey, selling a new pair of Dugast tires I have had for a while.

Update from Pete in Spain parte tres:

“I am sooo tired! It is a little after midnight and I have to get up at the crack tmrw. We have a 13k tt followed by an 84k a little later in the day. As I was just massaging one of the ladies…I was told to unload the car and “oh we need two […]

Update from Pete in Spain parte dos:

My ladyfriend is working as a soigner for the USAcycling women’s road team for a few weeks in Spain and Italy: “The team got a top ten today! It was pissing down rain (which I got to stand in and wait in the feed zone!) today and the finish was in the cutest, most beautiful […]

Update from Spain!

“Here are some photos I took today. The biggish German looking guy sitting in the truck is the brother of Jan Ullrich. He mechanics for the Women’s German Ntl. team. We’ve been making friends. He spent the morning singing Stevie Wonder songs with a strong German accent. We had a 4k prologue today so not […]

Pete in Italy, Molly to Ohio…

…my legs are apparently on vacation too. Raced the Rehearsal road race last weekend which was a joke. (on my part) I built up the Reynolds carbon clinchers and the result (paired with a very lightweight but very silly set of brake calipers) was the most horrendous sound you have ever heard. Ask anyone who […]

PRO bottle cages.

You may judge the quality of a component by it’s espresso compatibility.

Pete to Spain and Italy!

My super hott, amazing girlfriend is heading over to Europe for 3 weeks! She is working as a soigner for the US women’s teams at the 20th Emakumeen Bira in Spain and Giro del Trentino Femminile in Italy. I don’t need to say I am jealous. The timing is great too, I’ll be leaving for […]

"And your production begins!"

Shout out to Dan Werle for pointing me in the right direction. FMB handmade cyclocross tubulars. More info to come.

So hot.

Transitioning from go slow to go fast training right now. Raced Mt. Tabor on Wednesday night, that was pretty fast. Been buying plane tickets and planning travel for this summer and fall. This is the only time of year I have spending cash so, I’ve got about a month to get all my finances squared […]

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