Turn down the suck knob.


I wrote this last week after I got back from Ohio but then life got pretty hectic…

Double dragon.

Back in town, FINALLY!

I cannot stress how fucked my flight back was.

The abridged version: a 1 hour layover in Phoenix turns into a 3 hour wait to repair our plane + 3 hours at customer service to get them to put us up in a hotel and flights out on another airline + losing our luggage + finding it + losing it + finding it and then not letting us board our flight + geting the “extra” search job at security 10 minutes before my flight home is supposed to depart.


Picked up Pete from the airport the day after I got back in. Both of us are zonked out. She had a long 12 hour layover in London and her flights all sucked too.

Work on Wednesday and just destroyed me. I don’t feel particularly tired from the Tour of Ohio but, work stress just killed me. I went out to our local hilly circuit race Wednesday night and jumped from the gun and just put myself in the hurt right off the bat.

Bad race tactics = better workout. When I race smart I don’t get enough of a workout. Though, I felt dizzy for about an hour afterwards.

Now it is Friday morning and after puking at the movie theatre last night I feel pretty awesome.


2 comments for “Turn down the suck knob.”

  1. “Bad race tactics = better workout. When I race smart I don’t get enough of a workout. ”

    That’s what I’m saying….

    Posted by Patrick | July 5, 2007, 12:39 pm
  2. lol I live by that motto…

    especially at PIR. if I pay $12-$15 for an hour or less of racing I better be getting a workout.

    Usually I’m the one who puts the most hurt on myself, but then again, that’s what I’m paying for.

    Posted by Quenton | July 6, 2007, 1:07 am

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