Starcrossed brief:

My teammate Shannon and I finished 13th and 14th last night at Starcrossed in Seattle. A series of tangles and crashes booted us out of the group chasing Trebon, Wicks and Heule. Then we chased to no avail for the last 15 minutes of the race.

Pretty sure Kevin Hulick was in the top twenty, did not see where Solomon finished up.

A very bumpy, fast start to the UCI cx season.

I’m pretty disappointed to be outside the top ten. But the season is long and there are plenty more races to suck at!

You’ll probably hear about it elsewhere but, Andy Jaque-Maynes rode great in his comeback race.

Welcome back.

The race was stellar and today is the Rad Racing GP at Steliacoom park.

A vicious run up is in store… I’ll be complaining about it later.


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