FMB f'ing eff!!


I’ve hit my first snag importing FMB tyres.

The last shipment gets snagged by some customs company (over a month ago). And I go back and forth with this kinda shady and anonymous customs clearance company for a couple of weeks.

I’m doing anything and everything I can to get them sent out quickly and they do not return email and phone calls!

So, I get back from Vegas today and am catching up with work and the tyres are nowhere to be found.

A phone call and 20 minutes of hold music.

Apparently they sat around at the clearing company and now they are being “held” by customs and I am looking at another few hundred bucks to get them out.

You are f’ing kidding me.

I blow up at the agent on the phone and demand a manager. We kinda smooth things over and they are going to negotiate getting them out of holding for free.




2 comments for “FMB f'ing eff!!”

  1. that sucks. the fmb’s are a great tire. in fact, the first time I rode mine, I won (all down hill from there sadly…).

    hopefully customs will be cool, because they are great tires and I am sure in a few years they will be just as widespread as challenge or perhaps even a.dugast.

    Posted by josh | September 29, 2007, 8:36 am
  2. Uhhh…are my ssc sprints going to suck this weekend? Did the tires show up? Emergency glue session Saturday night or what?

    Posted by damian | October 5, 2007, 5:27 pm

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