I'll let you in on a PRO tip:

This is how PROs start their mornings before a big race.

9am – Wake up and put your kit on right out of bed. Get on the bike and do a 45 minute spin. piano. (44 minutes if it is raining)
9:45 – Come back home and start the coffee.
10am – Stretch. (still in kit)
10:20 – Read Cyclingnews and wait for the Euro CX results to post. Drink coffee.
“Apparently have those boys wet dream of me.”
10:25 – Make oatmeal and drink the coffee.
10:30 – Wonder why the hell they killed off Mr. Eko.
10:35 – Fire up FM4. Look at our own websites. Read our emails.
10:40 – Make toast. Eat toast. (in kit) Drink coffee. Take the vitamins.
10am-11am – also include heady discussion about the course, past and present results, your competition and other upcoming races.
11am – stretch. drink coffee.
11:30 – take a nap.
11:50 – wake up, stretch, drink coffee, look at the internet one last time. (in kit)
12:30pm – Go to race.


2 comments for “I'll let you in on a PRO tip:”

  1. Molly…thanks for the sweet tips. I just got a quality Veloshop skinsuit from Quin and have put in a couple wins in it already…Good luck at USGP..

    Im coming up to portland for a couple weeks..any notable races coming up?

    Posted by Daniel | October 27, 2007, 9:51 am
  2. Wow the pro bedroom looks a lot like my 17 year old daughters!

    Posted by Guy Smith | October 27, 2007, 1:33 pm

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