There is a lot of bullshit on my ipod.

On a roll again.

The healing is going ok. Taking forever but that is the deal I guess.

Pete, and SamK cooked up a huge Dinner last Thursday for an intimate group of friends. It was swell.

I went down to Eugene and won the Fox hollow cx race last Saturday. Then I did another race on Sunday and after the dumbest of all starts EVER I chased back into the race to get 5th place. I felt like I was racing to win it so, the legs must be coming around and the injury does not seem to be getting aggravated too much by hard riding.

Kruger’s cx race!I am getting my life in order just to up and leave it for 2 months! I realized that with race travel I only spend 9 months of the year at home.

I’m pumped to head over to Europe. Pete is coming over to stay for a week and I am optimistic about my ribs healing up enough that I can race as hard as I can while over there.

It has crossed my mind far too many times to back out of going over and racing. I don’t feel like I am anywhere as fast as I was earlier this fall. But if anything, I am tenacious to a fault. I’m going to get clobbered but at least I’ll be having fun and looking minty fresh while doing it.


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  1. I was watching Sunday on the 1st lap detour corner – to my amateur eyes looked less like a dumb start and more like a tire-sucking damn unlucky line. Your tenacity in clawing back through the feld was impressive. Glad the recovery is going well. Good luck this weekend. C’mon snow!

    Posted by Michael Mann | November 30, 2007, 9:11 am

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