So I did this UCI cx race in LA…

…like a month ago, January 20th or something! I busted out the smoke and mirrors to finish 4th place. The trip was fun and I am way overdue to write about it and write about the wrap up to my cx season…

I’m about to pull a Sager and fly south for a couple of days. (wait, I did that already.)

Then right back Friday evening.

Then right back down again next Wednesday. (now, this Wednesday.)

Team camp!!

Going to SF for a long weekend next week for the Organic Athlete spring team camp. What is a team camp you ask? Well, I get to show off my absent fitness to a bunch of road racer type pals.

(written last week)

The bike fit seminar I attended was stellar. It was a whirlwind trip down to SF and back, I barely made my return flight by 10 minutes.

It is true, last week was off the hook.

Re-kindled new connections with old friends and fired up new connections with new friends!

I’ve got photos to post and gossip to share.

But first, I am going to shave my legs tonight. Watch out, that means I am getting serious.

I did 3 hours on the mountain bike and I bonked pretty hard.

Look out world!


One comment for “So I did this UCI cx race in LA…”

  1. I’m psyched that you are riding w/ OA again this year.

    Go, broccoli, go!

    Posted by Mark | February 19, 2008, 8:20 am

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