In between coughs.


Have not been that sick in a long time.

Finally snapped out of it. Though now I have a lingering hacking cough.

Man, the kids love to hate RockRacing! I’ve heard more shit talking than I can handle about the Rock squad over the last few weeks.



“They are ruining cycling!”

Not quite but, it is really entertaining to watch the real life drama unfold. I mean, come on. You know it is. Will they start riders? Will they pull off a stage win? Is the bubble going to burst? Will their paychecks bounce? The whole thing is just a little tiny bit sad when observed from a distance.

And for me, the distance is pretty great.

It struck me how little I give a crap about pro cycling anymore. (though while I was sick I was up each morning for the live coverage of Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne and Het Volk and that was pretty exciting)

I used to care about the PRO bike racing. It was fun to follow the riders and watch the drama unfold, we all had our little heroes and would root for them as the season progressed. First came the spring classics, then the Giro and the build up to the Tour, finally Worlds and the Giro di Lombardia, etc would close out the year. I should admit I was pretty pumped to see Slipstream riders in the break both days in Belgium last week. But, the passion to keep watching is gone.

Much like this season of LOST for most people. The magic is gone, staying up to watch the new episode does not hold much glamor anymore. The honeymoon is over.

I’ll still be excited for Paris-Roubaix, Paris-Nice and Fleche Wallone. But the cast of characters has blurred. And my interest is waning.

What could get me excited about the bicycle game again?

I answered the phone today and the person on the other time had a hard time believing that I was Molly. They laughed at me and hung up after I said who I was a couple times.

“this is molly?”
this is.
this is molly?”
this is molly?”
look, can I help you with something?

I forgot that people have difficulty with my name being Molly.

I forget too, people that don’t really know me sometimes say “he” when they talk about me. And I had to remember to mention it to some pals at the Organic Athlete team camp. It never really bums me out but, it does end up being confusing for people I am not around all of the time. My close pals say she, the foreigners say he. Until I do a little explaining.

I have to do a lot of a little explaining.



2 comments for “In between coughs.”

  1. I’m doing my part to hold it down for your preferred pronoun. It often leads to an useful conversation about gender identity and language with folks who generally don’t give it much thought.

    This is all to say, you rock, and I’m glad there are people like you in the world.

    Get well soon, you sickly vegan.

    Posted by Mark | March 8, 2008, 4:50 am
  2. “I’ll still be excited for Paris-Roubaix, Paris-Nice and Fleche Wallone.”

    No Flanders love? C’mon!

    Posted by Adam | March 9, 2008, 7:57 am

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