Let me lead you out.

I raced a local crit last Saturday evening.

Finally felt decent enough on the bike to participate a little more than just sitting it! Not that I did a whole lot more than follow wheels. I misjudged the length of the sprint and finished 9th in the field sprint behind the winning break away. I basically gave the top fifteen a killer lead out.

My flatmate Steven raced in the “fast” race and I’m pretty proud of him. He hung in there and finished right up with the group. We shelled a lot of riders in the first bunch of laps and he was no where to be seen. Then with 15 minutes left he rolls right up and is mixing it up!

The coolest thing about racing the crit was riding it in between 2 pretty big workouts and coming out of the weekend tired but, not destroyed.

Photos are here.

I like big base and I cannot lie.

“This is what a base progression should look like! Really nice, and still with a week to go.”

Tell Sven (any Sven) to watch out come December.

Lane from Cetma racks was in town with his wife Cara and we wandered around the city eating vegan french toast and far too much coffee. Got to see Portland’s Gay Pride festivities.


In a good way. Lots of bass. Boys in underwear. Bears in leather. The bass was rattling the shit out of the windows and the walls of the Stumptown in the ACE hotel as I enjoyed what must have been my 8th espresso of the day.


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  1. seriously………that is the ugliest helmet, missmatched bike, kit combo I have ever seen.
    so PRO.

    Posted by matt hall | June 18, 2008, 9:41 am

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