Elkhorn classic stage race! Day 1:

whats up player?I got roped into racing a stage race in support of this guy.

food? internet?Racing on the Organic Athlete squad. There is a bunch of us here crashing in a couple of host houses. Using the wifi and eating veggies.

This is our morning. Coffee (stumptown, yes), oatmeal, bananas, coffee, jus d’orange.


About the internet: we are googling all of our rivals and rival teams, looking up stats and race results.

The fabulous Cara Gillis and I packed the hell out of our full leather interior Mazda, put it into robo cruise control and hit the road mid day on Thursday.

bee bee queue!Pete’s birthday was on Tuesday and the Cardinal’s hosted a bbq in her honor. It was super sweet. Elizabeth Cardinal baked her a layed cake and a bunch of super sweet pals showed up. We had an all vegan grill session which was pretty sweet. I NEED to stop eating those damn kielbasa. They destroy my gut. For days afterwards.

I’m going to keep a day to day update going on the site, if you want some info about a particular ride (Organic or not) let me know and I’ll try to get some info up here. The batteries on the camera are dying and my cellphone takes worthless photos.

PS: Cara has a race blog here.

pack it up!SHOUT OUTS:

EDGE composites for setting me up with a last minute pair of “pre-release” clincher rims. (looks like EDGE has a fancy new website too. Check it out.)

Deep. Carbon. Clinchers. holy crap. I got them built up a couple hours before we packed up the car so, we will see how my quick build holds up. Suffice it to say, the rims are flawless, light, and aero. Per my coach’s recommendation, I am going to go for it it in the TT. We will see if I can do a sub 22 minute tt.

Alchemy bicycle works for getting me the fancy Sapim spokes just in time to lace up the Edge wheels!

Thank you EDGE, thank you Alchemy.

The sensations, they are good and the equipment, she is beautiful.


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