Elkhorn classic stage race! Day 1 wrap up.

H O T T.

I’m back at the host house with my legs up.

The stage was 75 miles, with 1 x 15 minute climb and a bunch of rollers on the way in to the finish.

I was hoping to have more info about other riders but I got myself dropped from the peloton halfway through the race so…

The Gentle lovers were out in force. Hagens-Broadmark were riding pretty solid though, they were dragging their feet sitting on the front riding “tempo” up the start of the climb. No one understood that tactic. Bob’s cycling was riding really strong, there were a couple of Symmetrics guys bitching about how un-pro the racing was. I saw a Veloce rider nursing a shoulder on the side of the road as I chased the peloton on the run in to the finish.

We blew through the first feed zone around mile 25 and I looked down and my heart was pounding really hard! “uh-oh” I said to myself. I’ve been fighting a cold all week and I don’t know if it is that combined with a little bit of altitude and allergies and the heat but, my HR was really high the whole race and I had a hard time breathing.

I’m not even really that sore, just sorta out of breath. I gots a thousand excuses.

Well, shit. I wish I had more to write about. I saw Kenji and Even Plews in the pack.

My teammate Glick finished in the lead group. I think I was about 4-5 minutes behind him.

It is late and we are going to try and figure out our time trial start times based on the results from today.


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