Fleet FarmWriting from Stumptown coffee in Seattle, Washington.

Just flew back from an epic vacation to the mid-west with Pete.

Row it.Epic.

Real vikings wear skirts.I flew to Minneapolis last Monday morning and after a shitty flight and brutal Greyhound experience, spent a few days relaxing in Alexandria: Birthplace of Autumn Peterson and Olof Ohman; finder of the runestone. Quite the controversy.

so fun.We stayed at the house Pete grew up in. I met her dad for the first time, very nice. Hanging out with Pete is pretty much a non-stop joke fest anyways so hanging out with her mom and sister turns in to a make fun of Autumn session. We gave her enough shit to last all year. Satisfying.

pick me! pick me!We rode our bikes around the lake and played a round of mini-golf in which I trounced AP and enjoyed the local culture. We went to Fleet Farm. Which is like a bigger version of FredMeyer and Homedepot and a bait and tackle shop.

teachermolly.We spent our days making food, laying around in the sun, riding a motor boat on the lake and eating rhubarb pie.

intimidated.A few days in Alexandria were followed by a couple more spent in Minneapolis.

Riding bikes around the city, drinking espresso and watching the Tour.

best fwends.I went to Cars R Coffins and One on One bicycle studio. Discovered that most bike shops in Minneapolis have full service cafes in them. And most are heavily lacking in the vegan baked goods dept. though.

Got to spend an evening bbq’ing after a long nap and talked about Portland with non-Portlanders.

Did not touch my bike all week.

hott at QBP.I take that back. AP and Katie Peacock forced me to ride all over Minneapolis. We did a huge loop of the city met up with Anni K and played a mini-mini golf round at the Walker art museum. There was this huge bike powered pinball sculpture/hole and I got a f’ing hole in one on it. It blew my mind, you had to be there.

shimano pallet. ahem. shimano pallet.Pete and I made our way down to Quality Bicycle Products before dropping me off at the airport this afternoon. My new sales rep Justin accompanied us on a tour of the AMAZING facility. I now bike and bike industry stuff can be mind numbing for non bike industry folks and Pete was a gracious companion. I think both of us were floored by the company and business practice.

rows and rows of product. stunning. kinda like that scene in lord of the rings when they are sailing down the river and cross between the two giant statues of the kings of old. kinda.She dropped me off at the airport, we made out and I went into the French Meadow bakery for a vegan reuben sandwich and rasberry chocolate bar. I’m going to pen a letter to the owner of French Bakery. Offering vegan options in an international airport is brilliant. Not just a few options, 1/4 of the menu was veg.


This was in the Runestone museum. seriously. it was about 15 ft. wide and ten feet tall.They are way ahead of the curve with that one. So I spent a lot of money there. And was more stoked than I was at one of the bikeshopcafes when the barista went in to the tired story about: “we tried selling vegan stuff, and how they did not sell, and she was sorry, and they have clif bars that are vegan” I don’t want a sob story, I just want a snack.

A clif bar is not a snack, a clif bar is what you eat when you have nothing else left in your jersey pockets on long rides.

I know, I know she was being polite and helpful… but, come on!

Vegan cookies are pretty easy to make and stock, it can not be that hard to find a decent supplier in Minnesota. right?

Kinda backwards to me that the punky bike shops frown on the vegans and the big corporate business chain in the airport meets my needs.



I bailed on a vtt ride with pals today to spend another few hours in the Stumptown on pine and belmont to plug away at editing images and content for my website.

easier to clean than white?I really think we need to revisit the painting from the Runestone museum. In detail.

Now you need to ask yourself. Will you or won’t you?


7 comments for “Minnesota.”

  1. So, a vegan reuben is what, a sauerkraut sandwich?

    Posted by Phil | July 26, 2008, 4:28 pm
  2. What’s up with that? What kind of punky bike shops are those? They should hardly be worthy of such a title. That’s kind of interesting…. the corporate norm is more aware of the needs of vegan punkies, and the punky bike shops do what, sell bowling shoes with cleats and punky wrist bands for extra cash?
    btw… you’re riding for OA this year for cross, no?

    Posted by Cat | July 27, 2008, 11:00 am
  3. [...] is a little lower key and a bit less hip than the left coast. this idea is reinforced by reading molly’s blog about the land of 10,000 lakes. you don’t see as many cyclists in the midwest but something [...]

    Posted by cuttin’ costs « Ira Ryan Cycles | July 27, 2008, 10:18 pm
  4. no way!
    My family used to live like, an hour from Alexandria!

    Posted by Peter | July 28, 2008, 4:21 am
  5. So what’s the story on those Mavic mtb shoes? A cursory glance says they look like they have good lugs. maybe a nice cross shoe? What’s the story?

    Posted by Brooke Hoyer | July 28, 2008, 8:31 am
  6. They are the new Mavic xc shoes!

    Mavic took over the Adidas line so, there are some new things in the works from Mavic and they have some stuff which is basically a re working of the old Adidas designs.

    I raced in the old Adidas shoes and they were DOPE! But alas, I trashed them and now I am running the super sweet Shimano heat formable vtt shoes.

    The Mavics are very, very nice. And yellow. Excellent lugs. The best lugs in my opinion.

    No offense Shimano but, the lugs on your vtt shoes suck for cx run ups.

    Posted by Molly | July 28, 2008, 2:54 pm
  7. “No offense Shimano but, the lugs on your vtt shoes suck for cx run ups”…………..Thank god for the dremel tool.

    Posted by matt hall | July 30, 2008, 8:33 am

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