go vegan.

This popped up on a friend’s website so I’ll repost the link here.

The fundamental reason (not the only) I went vegan ten years ago: my effect on the planet.

A very basic article because I don’t have the time to write at length about it.

The Shimano M300 shoe is by far the stiffest and most comfortable off-road shoe available. I am giving this shout out because I am spending a little time today grinding out the lugs and gluing up some tubular tyre tread to the bottom of the shoe.

I suggest you go to your LBS, buy a pair (or two) and promptly cut and glue up your shoes.

Nope, Shimano is not paying me. Every time I slip on those damn things, it is like falling in love all over again.

Sarah Palin?

I love me some NPR.

I think Mccain shot himself in the foot. Was he trying to get the women’s vote that Obama may have been losing with the Hillary scandal? But, it seems that those ladies ONLY wanted to vote for Hillary. And those ladies are typically pro-choice and intelligent. (unlike Gov. Palin-zing!)

It would be amazing to have a female VP but… I’m finding it insulting as well. She has so little experience beyond Alaska, it is almost like Mccain is using her as a trophy-VP to lure voters that he is not attracting…

with his stunning stage presence and wit.

Does anyone remember D.B. Cooper?

Back in the 70′s this guy hijacks a plane and gets a TON of ransom money. then he parachutes out of the plane somewhere in between Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.

The rumors continue to this day.

How many hours a day can one renner spend emailing race promoters?

I imagine the best part about being a PRO would be not having to do all of the leg work and logistics.

I kinda love it though. Every race I go to, I know the promoter personally!


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  1. Whats up with the ground up shoes and tubular tread gluing? What have I been missing out on?!

    Posted by daveo | September 5, 2008, 5:56 am
  2. Hi, Molly. I have been a fan of your blog for awhile and I agree with you about the M300, best MTB shoe ever made. I attempted to address the slippery bottom issues as well, but was wholeheartedly unsuccessful. I cut up some old clincher road tires and used this stuff called “plastic weld” to glue them to the bottom of the shoes. It lasted about a week of riding. Could you make a post, or just let me know, what you did to your shoes? It would help me out tremendously. Thanks and good luck this year.


    Posted by Andy | September 5, 2008, 10:02 am
  3. Hey Molly,
    Why do you use tubular treads as opposed to clincher treads, when gluing treads to the bottoms of shoes?

    I just got some M300 shoes and they are the best shoes ever but slicker than anything else on the toes and arch areas.

    Any tips would be awesome.


    Posted by Ted Willard | September 5, 2008, 11:51 am
  4. AC had a little pedal slip at the olympics and I think he promptly called Shimano up and asked for shoes with some rubber on the bottom. The reps came into Sunnyside and said that they will in fact have some more traction on the bottom in the near future.

    Posted by Damian | September 5, 2008, 5:16 pm

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