Really, the last 30 seconds are the best 30 seconds:

I am in Wisconsin. Sun Prairie to be exact. Staying at Dan (of Planet Bike fame) and Jen Powell’s house!

It is very nice. Dan is still at Interbike, Jen is at work. I am putting my bikes together and working on work and more work email stuff.

We went grocery shopping and picked up their CSA box at a farm just out of town. Then Jen took me out to the Weary Traveller for dinner. Delicious salad with fried veggies, lemonade and dark atmosphere.

Quaint coffee makers. Vintage electric fixtures, loud toilet, radiators with covers you can sit on. So midwest. Fresh cut grass, streets made rough by season after season of snow and ice.

Huge dogs. Now most may know, I don’t really like dogs. Or babies for that matter. Besides cats, polar bears and dolphins, I scowl at most other animals. But huskies are a different story. I am a friend of the husky. And the dachshund for that matter.

So I forced this big one to lug my bike boxes downstairs. Thanks Obi!

Check out this piece of cross history:

“Winter 1985/1986 to SAVERDUN in ARIEGE: I got a cold championship UNSS by Régis duros I met 2 minutes 30 minutes of racing, admire the style hog to break plate with the mouth open bonus.”

French Cyclocross.

And this; price-less.

“I was a cadet 1 in 1986 and j’escaladais and only the famous climb up the circuit, the tree is always elsewhere. David and Hugo: please do not laugh.
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Older French men who raced cyclocross as little boys.


David Mauhourat said …
Oh la la la! How do you want mean it! But I admit that I am impressed. 40 years older and always hard! Hey hey. I’m joking of course.
September 23 2008 19:21

Anonymous said …
and me, I have the right?
September 23 2008 20:09

Lawrence said …
You have the right course, especially as you go t’esclafer by reading more: I arrived with david ferrari sprint but I fell 200 meters from the line in the ditch filled with water ice due to board that was placed before me. It was at least 0 ° c
September 23 2008 20:41

Anonymous said …
That’s not funny. You would have been pissed for ever with the cyclo cross.

Blogs in other languages are sooooo much better. So I’ll take to copying the content and putting on my site because well, as you know. My site is less exciting than older French men recounting their cadet racing days.


Yay Trebon!

My coach beat Lance which really is the most important thing.

Looked like fun. Everyone was there.

Except me. (and Tristan Schouten).

I decided to motorpace on a surprisingly beautiful Portland morning. Instead of paying my dues in Sin City.

Jen and Dan’s house is nice. They are selling it and planning on moving soon. (rumors and details to come.) I brought them some Stumptown coffee and we bought another pound cause yes, it will all get used this weekend.


4 comments for “Wisconsin.”

  1. Whatever you do don’t percolate that Stumptown, you’ll over extract the precious flava! Maybe they have a French press plunger, or a Technivorm Moccamaster high quality electric drip machine, or maybe even a blessed little Cona or Yama vacuum infusion brewer… but please for the love of the good bean, don’t percolate it. And good luck at the races Molly, please do elbow JP for me liked some sort of ‘juiced up Euro Crosser’!

    xo. Mark

    Posted by Mark Beattie | September 26, 2008, 11:19 am
  2. who doesn’t love dachshunds?

    Posted by matt hall | September 26, 2008, 12:12 pm
  3. molly cameron! (please read that in a sort of cyclocross cheer/scream sort of way) first of-that video is horrible. i could only watch part of it and then had to skip to the last 30 seconds for “the best” part. *kisses*
    second of all-yes! to daschunds! they are awesome.
    third of all-i am glad you are having a good time in wisconsin.
    fourth of all-hello!

    Posted by Tiah | September 26, 2008, 12:53 pm
  4. this really has nothing to do with the post…

    Vanilla makes velonews today at interbike…

    Posted by Adam | September 26, 2008, 1:40 pm

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