Got my behind handed to me today in Wisconsin. I salvaged a 9th place finish behind the Lalonde bros. the Wells bros. and co. Jon Page won, I barely stayed ahead of the 2 U23 Euro riders and I think the Swiss Mueller got 2nd. Apparently Jon Baker dropped out with an injury but was putting up a pretty good fight for the win.

I really felt miserable out there!

The course was great, very dry but not too dusty. Bumpy. Fast. I never really found a rhythm (besides going backwards) and was hurting so bad the last bunch of laps. The cracked rib was not bugging me too bad but the back cramping was.

I almost passed out when I crossed the finish line! That does not happen too often.

wah wah.

Spent last night watching the debate. Like everyone else apparently.

What did you think?

What’s up Evazan!!


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  1. Lots of bumps.. Hands took a beating. Hope that sunday goes better.. To far to drive back,, LSD on the road today.. Give em hell.

    Posted by Devin | September 28, 2008, 6:33 am

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