Astoria! Let's race cyclocross, drink gin and wear funny outfits.

The funniest thing about everyone wearing costumes is that we pretty much wear goofy costumes every time we ride our bikes anyways.

Sager’s photos are pretty good. Take a look.

There was a team Vanilla – Gentle Lovers TRON theme. Which was amazing, and hats off to Mahoney and the GL crew for putting together the kits.

Racing was better. I’m starting to get some form again though I certainly was not flying either day last weekend. The second day was better for me which is a good sign, no back trouble. We had a little tactical game going on with the team and it played out well enough in the end.

How many times can I throw my bike? Into the barriers? And get away with it?

Thanks for the pics Jose.

I am an embarrassment to the sport.


Back to the grind this week. Big training rides, not tons of bike shop work which is good and bad. Bad cause the Veloshop could always use more business, good cause I can recover and focus on other stuff and not be entirely stressed out.

The Penthouse we rented in Astoria was bad ass. Right over the water on a pier. We got to watch sea lions play and huge freighters float by. There was a bottle of Aviation gin which Autumn quickly polished off.

I meandered around Astoria’s old town with Brian Vernor. We were in full on Santa Cruz mode. Keeping our eyes on the sketchy, drunk, shirtless bored teenagers running around looking for trouble. We unconsciously threw our hoods up at the same time to make ourselves as invisible and threatening as possible.

We did not have to run through back alleys to escape the punks.

Astoria’s old buildings are beautiful. I appreciate the abundance of old architecture. I think I would enjoy spending a week in Astoria going on long road rides and drinking lots of coffee.


2 comments for “Astoria! Let's race cyclocross, drink gin and wear funny outfits.”

  1. where was your cape? would have been perfect for that flying picture! those are great pics.

    Posted by lauren | October 28, 2008, 4:59 pm
  2. wow look at that weather!

    Posted by chrisD | October 29, 2008, 6:32 am

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