whoa! Sooooo busy!

I don’t have a second to take a breath.

I know, I know… you must think I am living the PRO lifestyle. Lounging by the pool, shooting rounds of golf.

Not so. Loads of email, planning and organizing. Negotiating, purchasing and balancing.


More Toronto photos. I need to write up a brief report on the races last weekend.

White bikes + good times.

I know it looks ugly. But, I made the corner…

If I would wipe the smirk off of my face, I may have been able to race a little faster.


I’m in the middle of upgrading my Flickr account. Should be dope to get up a bunch of photos faster than I can put them up here.

So, I posted up a video of a band I was in and a few days later the video was removed from Youtube. Weird, that video had been up for years. Then someone pointed out that the band has a myspace page. Created in 2006 for a band that broke up in 2000. Weirder still.


Boom’s hair is blowing my mind. More Euro than I can handle.


2 comments for “whoa! Sooooo busy!”

  1. WHAT?! That is nuts, I have that LP: good stuff! Never caught any B&C shows though, I think the last time I saw Kirsch was w/ Torches to Rome which makes me kinda dated I guess, lol… Sawhorse and JHW are still great for interval work though!

    Funny, that was also around the time that bikes and the racing thing kinda started taking over from the punk/HC scene as the “forward focus”, so to speak… Hmmm… Kind of a small world…

    Agreed: the hair is intense… Think he conditions after a mudbath?

    Take care,


    Posted by Lane | November 16, 2008, 3:18 pm
  2. That photo of Lars is classic. Epitomizes what I love about cross, in so many ways.

    Posted by notthedroids | November 17, 2008, 4:37 pm

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