Oregon state cyclocross championship.

My team was pretty stellar today.

For my part, I had horrible legs today. I could tell when I went to bed last night, fighting a cold or just being tired from the big week of training.

And this morning I did not have my head in the game. I half thought about not starting. I have a bunch of other stuff going on in my life and I was distracted. So I had a crap start and did a bunch of chasing. Almost dropped out after the first two laps. My legs were just not firing on all cylinders.

I did a bunch of work with Shannon trying to keep Solomon in the chase for the series win. Then with 3 or 4 to go I got myself up in the lead group with Sean Babcock, Chris Sheppard and my teammate Kevin Hulick. There was tons and tons of lapped traffic to negotiate.

My teammate Kevin attacked within the final lap. He had a few bike lengths on us and I was screaming at him: “f’ing go Kevin go!” he was just barely dangling off the front. I even apologized to Babs for not being able to do any work. If we got within a bike length of Kevin I’d have to jump them both for the counter attack/win.

The 4 of us entered the final stretch pretty much together and sprinted it out through a mud bog-bull pen.

Sheppard said something about punching the next lapped rider that screwed up his race. I hope he did’nt… the finish was ridiculous, the four of us were screaming at riders in our way.

I got third place in the run in to the finish, did what I could to make sure Kevin stayed away for the win.

And he took it.

Go team Vanilla!


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  1. Did you hear me ? “GO REAL MOLLY” lol
    Awesome Race in Hillsboro
    I can’t get over how you can ride through all that mud and water without having to get off your bike :) Well maybe I can, you’re awesome Molly it was great to see you race for the first time

    Posted by Tasha | November 17, 2008, 9:50 am
  2. pretty fin awesome was what it was – and yeah, i can imagine the lapped rider conflict issue couldve been huge, especially with the mud bog leading into the finish. most races i could see taking it easy on them, but with state champs at stake, id probably be thinking they should act like the leaders are fire trucks or something :)

    all that racing made you miss the real highlight of the a race though – the last lap gentle lovers mud fight in the last corner… we were all trying to figure out why tony had stopped and was stooped over behind one of the truck jumps, then… funny stuff, i tell you.

    you know obra results has the finish as kevin/sean/you/solomon/shannon? so 4 vanilla riders in the top 5. nice, that.

    Posted by joel | November 17, 2008, 7:21 pm
  3. Yo Molly! This is the website you need to hit up if you’re coming to LA:
    Better photos and descriptions than I could ever do. Be sure to hit me up though, I am actually really good at eating the food.

    Posted by Matt | November 17, 2008, 10:32 pm
  4. Nice job at the race, Molly.

    Regarding the seminar – You can actually charge people money for having to listen to bike race talk? unbelievable….

    Posted by dirt doll | November 18, 2008, 2:31 pm
  5. $75 dollar rubber boots.

    Posted by Molly | November 20, 2008, 4:13 pm

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