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Hello? I got beaten.

I wish I could deliver excuses as well as Graeme. And on such a sweet cell phone too.

Sorry Ira.

I was so pumped about the Koppenburg race results that I spilled the beans to Ira and Joel when I saw them down at the Veloshop. Spoiler! I also left the coffee grinder behind in the flat in Astoria so, I had to do my intervals in the direction of the Veloshop, high five the […]

Thank you Joe Staples:

Have not seen you in a while, thanks for this link. Amazing. Find a half an hour to watch all of the clips:


Selander with a big ride up the Koppenburg today! Sweet! Good work Bjorn. 11th place is a bitter pill, that race is brutal! Proper barrier technique. I thought the original six were cylon models? I’m procrastinating before I head out for a wet ride. How many times can I shout “what the fuck are you […]

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