why aren't you going to cyclocross worlds?

mafiaI’d like to tip my hat to the riders who have been selected to race the 2009 Cyclocross world championships for the US national team. I think Brian Matter and Matt Shriver busted their asses all fall and had some really good rides in Europe. I appreciate that Tim Johnson got a selection spot too even though everyone knew he is not planning on racing. That dude is badass and deserves that acknowledgement.
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I’ve been asked why the hell I did not get selected to the US National team for the world championships?

The plain truth is that I was not riding well enough. And even had I been, making the team would have been a long shot. I missed a bunch of racing in October and was pretty low on the UCI rankings.

I had a couple decent rides in Europe and a handful of utterly worthless rides. I’ve got no excuses and am looking forward to next season.

I think the US team going to worlds is one of the strongest so far.

Jeremy Powers has shown phenomenal progression and adaptability in Europe. Every race he started he was in the lead group or making the chase happen.

I gave Trebon one of my fans cards and signed it: “stop whining. love, molly” I think he appreciated it.

The North American ladies are crushing it over there. Katie looks solid to win worlds, Rachel Lloyd, Sue Butler and Wendy Simms are toughing it out and coming up with some stellar results.

I’m excited to see how worlds plays out in a couple weeks.

I’m wrapping up a couple weeks off the bike tomorrow. First thing I am going to do is shred some single track on my mountain bike.


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  1. Hey Molly,

    Have you been using the aluminum or carbon vibe bars?

    Great job building back after a crummy start to the season!



    Posted by daveo | January 23, 2009, 11:13 am

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