Writers block.

3333214261_1d5e97a542I’ve got it.

Soooooooo much to write about. no words coming out of my fingers.

Barry Wick’s photos.

The drip? Sounds dangerous. I just need french press coffee.

I am staring at one sexy set of VTT shoes.


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  1. Hey Molly, it’s Jason from CX mag. It was good to see you at NAHBS and I hope you got over that cold. Hopefully we’ll run into each other sooner than later. Not drooling over Mavic shoes again are you?

    Posted by Jason | March 10, 2009, 8:44 pm
  2. The “drip” or whatever you want to call it makes perfect sense. Its all about eating a balanced diet and eating often enough that you avoid bingeing. My problem is when I start riding alot my metabolism goes into overdrive and I am hungry all the time. It’s easy to eat lot’s of junk calories, what’s hard is eating lots of good calories. I have been taking a que from my favorite Spanish chef (Jose Andres) and eating tons of olive oil and as many veggies as possible. It won’t work for you Molly but I aslo rely on Sven Tufts favorite snack Chocolate milk! Its the perfect blend of protien and carbs and a whole lot cheaper than recovery drinks!

    Posted by daveo | March 11, 2009, 7:00 am

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