*UPDATED* Latest for sale!

Added a few tyres I found. And subtracted tyres I have sold.

I am going to put a little order in with FMB here next week. If you want to get on it, I’ll offer a price below the in-stock MSRP. Deadline to make the order: March 27th.

Good time to get on to something special that no one has in stock right now! Paris-Roubaix tubulars?! um, yes please.

Still have this EDGE tubular wheelset for sale:

EDGE 68mm 2.0 tubular rims 700c
28 hole Chris King cx classic rear hub 130 spacing
24 hole DT 240 front road hub (w/King decals as King does not make a 24 hole hub… both hubs are black)
2 cross rear, radial front
Black Sapim CX-Ray spokes
Very light race use, in excellent condition. Come on, own a pair of wheels that have been raced in Belgium, France and Luxembourg!

So… do I need to start accepting offers on these? Anything over $1200? Ready… GO!

Tubular tyres!
Everything is new. Unless indicated.
(discounted off $125/cotton and $175/silk msrp)

“file tread”

one pair of French national colored Coton SSC Sprint 32 $100 each
one FMB SSC Sprint 32 coton for $90

“standard cyclocross”
one pair limited edition Silk casing FMB SSC 32 tyres for $120 each
one custom built FMB “Racing Ralph” cyclocross tyre for $100
(the Ralph is a 30c tyre, come on, buy it for your lady! makes a killer front tyre to complement her SSC rear, I’ll discount it even more if you email me and tell me you are buying it for your special lady)
Speaking of your lady, I have a pair of WORLD CUP PINK Dugast Typhoons in 28c. They are small and badass. Fast and light. Perfect for all of the fast and dry cx racing we seem to be doing these days. Interested? Email me.

After going through everything it looks like I am left with:
1 new 32mm cotton Rhino. @ $110 (prepped with a base layer of cement)
2 used 34mm cotton Rhinos in great shape. @ $80each
2 used 32mm cotton (black) Rhinos in good condition. @ $80each
Still in excellent shape. I checked out the treads and they hardly have any wear! Muddy, yes. Race ready, hell yes!

one pair of FMB coton Criterium tread road tyres 22mm $90 each
(these Crits make KILLER track tyres for cement and asphalt outdoor velodromes)
3 x FMB “Racing PRO” 22mm This was a limited edition coton tyre he started making for higher mileage and stage racing. $100.00 (found a couple more of them, make you a deal on all 3!)
1 x FMB Silk Criterium 22mm $100.00

Email me directly if you are interested!


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