Nothing more annoying than people who are inconsiderate of other people.

I wrote this post a year ago and got a lot of shit about it.

And today, I read about a near-fatal accident on the very bridge I was complaining about at the bottom of my post.

That 2 minutes of my commute is the worst. (on nice days and in the summer particularly) I’ve even taken to changing my commute on sunny days to the Burnside bridge just to avoid the douche bags that can’t seem to slow down a little and buzz slower riders and pedestrians on the Hawthorne. Witnessing this kind of behavior daily is appalling and now some one ends up in the hospital because of it.

I wrote “slow down” and some readers took that as me being a pretentious jerk.

I spend a lot of time outside of the insular cycling world. Interacting with people who are just normal folks and are completely freaked out by how “crazy” cyclists are on the road. These are not people who hate bicycles. They are not even people who resent bicycles, they just get freaked out when they have no idea what someone on a bicycle is going to do around them when they are driving, walking, jogging or otherwise.

My heart goes out to the victim in this case. I fly off the handle once in a while and the self-righteous attitude of some people on their bikes is one of the things that triggers it. Bikes are liberating, yes. But with liberation should not come entitlement.

I’m the slowest commuter out there and I’m sick of other riders giving cyclists a bad reputation with amateur moves like this.

End rant. again.


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