some things you wish you could do over again.

there was a road race yesterday that I started in Silverton, Oregon.

Some local PRO talent was in town and put the screws to the rest of us hacks. The racing was hot and besides giving the race to the first breakaway that went, I felt pretty crummy the whole time. I started trying to heckle people into chasing. Which kinda worked!

There was a little crash near the last lap and I put a hole in my tyre while riding around the carnage. I rode a little bit further on the flat tyre, as the follow/wheel car was busy dealing with the poor kid who broke his collarbone.

It was hot, the field was rolling away.

“I guess I am done.”

Quite the anticlimactic end to a brutal little race.

If I could do it again, I would have chased Mark Blackwelder down and jumped in the creek with him.


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