I'm totally feeling this photo.

The dude is a maniac. Every moment of every race is a desperate effort with him. The frenetic energy.


“For four laps, I had mud and beer thrown at me. The fifth time it was just too much for me. I didn’t really intend to hit him, and I regret what I’ve done, but I think that as a rider I don’t have to put up with everything.”

Damn right you don’t.


2 comments for “I'm totally feeling this photo.”

  1. This is a great photo, really captures a moment. What race was it from?


    Posted by Steve | July 22, 2009, 10:21 am
  2. I rode UCI 2.2 race with him this summer. Really fast & strong guy . And also he managed to get nice results if you consider that summer is his off season time….

    Great blog btw …

    Posted by Marko | August 16, 2009, 4:52 pm

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