eternal dillemmas.


photo credit: eric b.

Wisconsin was pretty awesome. The My Wife Inc. crew were fabulous. Beyond fabulous. They took such good care of me this weekend. I am forever grateful. Mike, the 4am haul to the Airport in the rain was so appreciated. The pit support was PRO. And shit, you ended up with Erwin Vervecken’s swag. boo yah! I had vegan cupcakes made for me, a pretty pink bedroom to sleep in, the PRO shuttle service to and from the house for my late start, a BAV to haul all of our gear and bike, a Karcher, a handheld compressor. Shit, it was just like being home!

These are just a few of the beautiful and generous hands that gingerly shepherded me through the great state of Wisconsin:

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The battles we wage!

I’ll list a few:

mullet vs. faux-hawk

PRO vs. AM

no socks vs. tall socks

steel vs. well, everything that is not steel


…is the only battle that counts right now. And in two weekends you had better get your sweet asses up to Steliacom for the Cross Clash. The sacred dignity of Portland’s dominance in all thing cx depends on it.

Go support Seattle’s cyclocross scene, it only helps build up our own.


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