Double race weekend over. BS week threat alert: high!

I think in retaliation for Dr. Thompson getting convicted and sentenced for his brutal crime, the drivers and cops of the world felt the need to retaliate on me! Geez, it is barely dusk and I literally had a guy chase me down the street yelling about not having lights on my bike! Every 3rd car made a point to honk or yell or veer at me before I made it home!

I’m feeling the hate in the world tonight. Damn.

More amazing from Brian Vernor:

I got to race with Barry this weekend. Saturday was fun and I was riding pretty well. Sunday I was empty and after a couple silly (and hard) crashes, played damage control. I was going backwards all race.

Good to know that you can crash the hell out of a Shimano Electronic bike and it does not bother it…

I can thank Adam Myerson for tipping me off to this video but, had I found it on my own, I would say: this guy exhibits my kind of professionalism. I get accused of getting all worked up and flying off the handle, and I think I must come across like Harlan sometimes. You gotta have standards.

“its the amateurs that make it so tough for the professionals” so true, so true. Adam says: substitue “writer” for “cyclist” in this rant. Cyclist, mechanic… what ever. Professionalism is damn important, even if you use dirty words.

I was a huge fan of the Prisoner series from the 60′s. Now this. Looks amazing.

And the original, for shits and giggles.

And well, my pit crew (Jacob) sent me this. Enjoy the audio.


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